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Leak Insure – Absorbent sachets for underwater cameras

Protect Your Underwater Camera from Leaks & Condensation

We’ve all been there, half way through a dive and you spot that dreaded leak in your underwater camera housing. What do you do? If you ascend your buddy has to go with you, if you carry on, you risk ruining your expensive underwater camera. or, are you that deep underwater that you need a safety stop and you have to watch you camera filling up.

We have a solution!

Leak Insure sachets contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight in freshwater. If you place one or two Leak Insure sachets in your underwater housing before a dive you can buy valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if it starts to leak.

The Leak Insure sachets have been designed to fit most underwater camera housings or other underwater equipment. We currently have 3 different sizes to fit most camera housings from small compacts to digital SLR’s and video camera housings.

Features: Benefits:
Absorbs Minor Leaks, FAST. arrows Prevents camera damage caused by minor leaks
Allows you more time to get your equipment out of the water
Absorbs Moisture & Condensation. arrows Reduces fogging of camera lens & housing.
Helps protect lens and camera electronics from humidity
Prevents damage and corrosion from harming your camera equipment

Stop Condensation in your underwater housing

A major problem that underwater photographers have to contend with is condensation on the inside of the camera housing. Cameras and strobes create heat during use, this heat warms the air inside the housing. When this warm air meets the cold housing, condensation is formed on the walls of the camera housing.

Combat condensation with Leak Insure Sachets, click here for more information.

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